Swedcom Corporation is a leading designer and manufacturer of Circular Polarized log periodic base station antennas, filters and electronics for the global telecommunications industry.
A privately held California Corporation founded in 1987, Swedcom initially imported and sold Swedish-made telecommunication equipment. Shortly after its inception, Swedcom developed its own T1 / E1 channel bank product lines and ultimately antenna models for the fast-growing cellular market. As demand for mobile service increased, Swedcom expanded its CP. log periodic antenna product lines for the Citizen band, LTE, UMTS, GSM, CDMA, MMDS / WiFi™ / WiMAX / RFID radio frequencies (RF).

Our current product line of Circular polarized antennas includes:
SWEDCOMS new line of small cell site directional antennas offers a big improvement in indoor penetration as well as a dramatic shrinkage in overall antenna volume and size.
SWCP (698 - 900 MHz) represents the industry reference based on waistline / FTB. performance and mitigating fading.
SACP series (1710 - 2180 MHz), the industry standard for CP. log periodic antennas for the AWS and PCS bands.
SPX models (698 - 900 MHz) are as far as we know the only cross polarized antennas (+/- 45°) in the industry, designed with log periodic arrays.
SWACP models (698 - 900 and 1710 - 2170 MHz) are the first quad band CP. (700-800, 800-900, PCS and AWS) antennas in the industry featuring our log periodic arrays.
SCW (698 - 900 MHz) using our log periodic arrays dramatically improve capacity in LTE / UMTS / CDMA / GSM systems
SACP 4x3016 (1710 - 2170) is a high performance alternative to split beam antennas including 2 ea. independent 30 deg. CP-LOG. antennas both with extraordinary roll off/waistline performance.
Our Circular polarized, log periodic antennas are featured on our website.

Headquartered in Belmont, California, Swedcom focuses on total quality management. Its product development team provides timely and practical solutions not only for established network applications, but also for customized product requests.

Swedcom's marketing staff offers educational and technical support for all its product lines and the current inventory levels ensure prompt delivery of orders.

We look forward to assisting you with any of your channel banks, filters and/or antenna requirements.

For more information please contact us:

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We constantly test and improve our products and therefore reserve the right to alter technical details without notice.

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