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  January, 2019 Our 1st "super-omni" SACPC 8x36010 designed for the latest generation of 4xRadios is scheduled to go "live".
  December, 2018 Swedcom's new ultra-small CP - Log's SAHCP 4x5510 & SANPC 4x5510 for CBRS & LAA are now available.
  October, 2018 We now offer our multiband mega-port (24 ports) canister antenna SAHNCPC 24x5510 for AWS/PCS, CBRS & LAA.
  September, 2018 Swedcom's mega port's (14-16 ports) SWAMHNCP 14x5510 & SAMHNP 16x5510-x exclusively designed for Crown Castle are released.
  September, 2018 Swedcom's new mega port's (14-16 ports) SWAHNCP 14x5510 & SAHNCP 16x5510 becomes available.
  December, 2017 Swedcom introduces 2 ea. very small antenna packages SANCP 8x5510 & SANCPC 24x5510 including the 5100-5900 & 1710-2250 MHz. bands.
  November, 2017 Our very small 4 br. TX/RX SACP 4x5510 directional antenna plus our true 3 sector canister SACPC 12x5510 goes in to production.
  July, 2017 Antennas specifically designed for 802/11 AC and the new innovation/citizen bands H & N band are scheduled for introduction
  April, 2017 Our take on canister antennas SACPC 24x5510 offering 2 ea. independent 4 branch receive diversity paths for ea. sector [24 ports] using CP - Log's
  March , 2017 A 4 port SACP 4x5512 alternative is added to our popular "small-cell" line of 1710-2180 MHz antennas
  January,, 2017 Swedcom introduces 2 ea. 8 port SACP 8x5510 & SAMCP 8x5510 antennas allowing 2 ea. independent 4 branch receive diversity paths.
  October, 2016 The M band is added SWAMCP 6x5510 to our popular multiband SACP 6x5510 antenna
  August, 2016 Swedcom introduces SWACP 6x5510 including 2 ports for the "low-band [W] 700-900 MHz" and 4 ports for the "high-band [A] 1710-2180 MHz'
  October, 2015 Swedcom adds directional antennas primarily designed for small cell sites
  June, 2015 New dual band and dual in-band "OMNIS" are added to Swedcom's portfolio of small cell antennas
  September, 2014 Swedcom's Wideband Circular Polarized "OMNIS" are added to our existing line of CP. antennas
  August, 2014 The 6 connector SWACP 6x5514 is added to our AWS (PCS) line of log-periodic CP. antennas (1710-2180 MHz)
  January, 2014 The 4 connector SACP 4x5514 is added to our AWS (PCS) line of log-periodic CP. antennas (1710-2170 MHz)
  November, 2013 Swedcom adds quad band log-periodic Circular Polarized antennas covering (698-800, 800-896 MHz), PCS and AWS bands. (SWACP)


August, 2013 A new 30 deg. alternative to split beam antennas SACP 4x3016 (1710-2170 MHz) is here incl. 2 ea. independent 30 deg. antennas and with extraordinary roll off/waistline performance.
  December 2012 Swedcom offers a triple band log periodic Circular Polarized antenna for the (1710 -2170 MHz and 2500-2690 MHz) bands.
  October 2012 Swedcom introduces the SWCP (698 - 896 MHz) line of log-periodic CP. antennas to replace SCCP (800-900 MHz) and SLCP (698 - 800 MHz) line of antennas.
  August 2011 Our wideband (AWS & PCS) SACP 2x5516 (1710-2170 MHz) is introduced

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