Swedcom's retired C-pol. antennas

Swedcom have now manufactured Circular polarized antennas for over 15 years. The current wideband line replace all older versions. Tabular data is still available on this web site for both our SCCP as well as SLCP antennas.
older gen CP. antennas (RETIRED) Gen 2 [RETIRED] recent [RETIRED] Current
    SLCP 2X6014 SWCP 2X5514
  SCCP 2X6015 SLCP 2X6015 SWCP 2X5515
SCCP 6106 / SCCP 2X6016 SCCP-E 2X6016 SLCP 2X6016 SWCP 5516
SPCP 2x6516     SACP 2x5516
    SAMCP 2x5516  
    SWCP 2x5511 SWCP 2x5510
    SWACP 4X5511-14  
    SWACP 4X5514-15  
    swacp 4X5514  
If you require further information regarding our discontinued Circular Polarized antennas, please contact us at: info@swedcom.com or support@swedcom.com

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